Group Days of Prayer


Days of Prayer are opportunities to discover yourself and deepen your love for God. Each Day of Prayer includes presentations, Mass, and time for personal prayer and reflection. Prayer Days begin at 9:30 a.m. and end by 2:30 p.m. The suggested offering is $50, which includes the program and lunch. For reservations call 303-688-4198 ext. 122. No deposit is required.



Winter/Spring 2021


Tuesday   January 19, 2021

Paula Sapienza


Discernment: The Basics


The central question in discernment is: in which direction is this inner movement taking me—toward God or away from God? We will explore and pray with the necessary steps in any discernment: awareness, understanding, and response.



Tuesday   February 9, 2021

Fr. Vince Hovley, S.J.


Alone or Never Alone?


Together we will continue to probe these revelations: the roots of our unique identity, and our way of worship as our way of life.



Wednesday   February 17, 2021

Fr. Ed Kinerk, S.J.


Joy: A Perspective on My Life


Pope Francis has invited us to find joy in our lives.  We will use his writing, his smile, and the Gospels to show how to take this perspective, even in the midst of suffering and loss.



Friday   February 19, 2021

Fr. Hanh Pham, S.J.


Maria Đã Chọn Phần Tốt Nhất…!


Bạn không phải là người xấu, cũng chẳng đã làm gì sai đến nỗi Chúa phải xa cách bạn.  Bạn vẫn chăm chỉ với những bổn phận hàng ngày của một người cha, mẹ, vợ, chồng, hoặc con.  Tuy nhiên, giữa những bề bộn cuộc sống hằng ngày, đâu là ưu tiên hằng đầu?  Sau những bận rộn đó, bạn còn gì và mất gì?  Bạn cảm thấy thế nào vào cuối ngày?  Một Ngày Cho Tâm Hồn vào Mùa Chay thật cần thiết và hữu ích, giúp bạn nhìn lại, định hướng cho những gì tốt nhất và vĩnh cửu cho bạn.  Một Ngày Cho Tâm Hồn này được mở ra cho mọi người có lòng ao ước.



Thursday   March 11, 2021

Sr. Eileen Currie, M.S.C.


Prayer in this Mysterious Third Age


This period of our lives is profoundly different from all that has gone before.  It is quite likely our prayer also will be different. We will ponder this experience and mystery.



Tuesday   March 16, 2021

Paula Sapienza


Discernment: Getting Concrete


Discernment first involves discriminating among the mass of interior movements within me to know which are and are not of God. Within this experience, I need further discernment to come to know concretely in my day-to-day life how God is inviting me to live out the fullness of who I am for God and for others. We will share St. Ignatius’ insights into how I can seek to live in this way.



Saturday   April 17, 2021

Fr. Ed Kinerk, S.J.


Aging and Finding God


As we advance in years we are more and more aware of the finiteness of our lives.  We will examine ways of putting to rest our fears and expanding our hopes in finding the fullness of life now and the expectation of infinite joy and happiness to come.


We are sorry. This day of prayer is full.